Gettin' BOOSTED!!!
w/ Justin_Shane
     Gettin' Boosted is a term I use to refer to exercising my mind and body to try and better myself. This particular page will be dedicated to some of the more personal / ridiculous portions of what I do. For example, acting like a fool while riding a modified custom Razor A3 kick scooter... This page will feature the less serious side of my creativity! Thanks for checking it out, and let me know in the comments below what things in life keep you BOOSTED!!!

Things that get me BOOSTED:
  • Lifting weights / resistance bands
  • Razor or Mongoose Scooter
  • Swimming
  • Creating Art (Music, Videos, Comics)
  • Enjoying cartoons!
  • Gaming out to some retro and some current video games!
  • Movies!

June 26th Update:
    I began putting my updates, few and far between on my artist page on Facebook. Justin Shane. If you happen to be interested in what I'm interested in at the moment head over there to check it out!

Jan/22/2021 jS^date:

     It's freezing out, motivation levels have been all sorts of fluctuating. I'm doing my best to hang in there and be a human... But fuck can it be difficult... Things saving me have been films and television shows from a whole variety of genres and time periods! I feel more focused than I've ever been on performances, scenes, film styles, aspect ratios, angles, and much more! I feel inspired, I hope I can translate it into something positive. 

     I've also been working out quite often and noticed some changes in my body already! I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can accomplish with not only my physical health, but my mental, spiritual, and financial health this year as well. I appreciate all of the love and support from everyone who has been there for me in my difficult times! I look forward to bringing you more positive updates in the future.

     I'm looking forward to a big project for myself coming up this February! Wish me luck on that, please... For I just may need all the luck I can muster! For now, here's some of the shit I've been playing / watching / wasting my life with!

    What do you think of these games, movies, and shows? 

    What have you been playing, watching, or listening to?

Games of the Month (January 2021)

Cyberpunk 2077 - Of course I was pumped to get this and try it out as I had been hearing about it for years. Well, I wasn't as disappointed as most people with it, I still wasn't very impressed either. I guess not even so much about whether I was impressed or not, I just haven't been hooked into it. The UI of the game is rather off-putting, especially when compared to Fallout 4. Once this game has had some more updates and feels more complete and polished I am excited to jump into it, but for now I'll be holding off and playing other shit.

Gears of War 2 - This is probably my favorite entry in the series and while I hardly remember anything at all from the campaign, I can go back the horde mode and play on these maps almost ANY time. I love this game! It is comforting to eliminate some alien invaders every now and again!

Jurassic World Evolution - Create a theme park where you can breed dinosaurs and study them... It's not an incredibly hard game, no... Will it eat up plenty of time and make you feel like you're trying to really pick up the ball where that Colonel Sanders lookin' rich mofo failed and get the park to be a success! It's been relaxing and fun to check this out!

The Movie Corner (1-22-2021)
In no particular order I've been really enjoying the following films;
So I married an axe murderer
Beverly Hills Ninja
Mixed Nuts
Crank High Voltage
I'm Still Here
Wagons East
The Great Outdoors
The Dark Knight
Gotham Knight

Animation Appreciation 1-22-21:
Earthworm Jim
Animaniacs ('93 and '20)
Mighty Max
Mission Hill
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys
Rick and Morty  
Solar Opposites

{End of Jan Update - thank you for listening}

August Update for J_S:
     So I completely wrecked my ankle and had to take a break from most physical activity. This month has been filled with plenty of gaming and catching up on some shows. After looking at the media I've been enjoying lately I've realized that I am HEAVY into a theme... Let's get into it...


Watch_Dogs 2 & Watch_Dogs (XB1)

     I really enjoyed this game, but for some reason I put it down a while ago and just never went back. Maybe I got sucked up into work or a heavy project load of some sort, and/or quite possibly another shiny new game swept over my console and I lost interest...

     For a while I would put this game in after a long day of work when I didn't want to engage in any kind of serious gameplay. I would go to the Scout app and drive to several of the locations just snapping pictures of San Fran! It was fun and honestly kind of therapeutic. 

     Then I really just jumped back into some of the missions and had a blast trying to tackle missions in a variety of different ways. I RARELY ever actually beat a video game, but I ended up finishing the main story to this one. And since I don't play online, what else was I to do?

     Well there's DLC content for Watch_Dogs 2 available, lucky for me! But I remember that I owned the first game so I got that one installed and loaded that up. To my surprise there was some sweet DLC for that one I had never seen before, so I jumped on that for a bargain price!
     They set the second game up so well that you hear about the work that Aiden Pearce had done in the first game... And you work with Raymond Kenney in Dedsec in the second game.... Which makes it very cool to go back and play as Ray, or to revisit what I did forever ago with Aiden when the first game came out!
     So after beating Bad Blood the expansion I decided it would be worth it to check out the DLC for the second game. It's been a lot of fun so far... I'm excited to see where the rest of it goes!

     One of the biggest highlights of the game for me is the last mission... Where you for a very brief time period you can play as Wrench! I'll try to get some more thoughts on the entire game once I've beaten more of it, if that happens...?

Shadow Run (PC)

ReBoot (Prime Video)

MR. ROBOT (Prime Video)

Got the theme?


     I am currently working on a fun video in between my serious projects as just a way to let off steam, let out creative energy, and try to open up a little bit with the world! It's not ready to be viewed yet, so please give me some more time!

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