Monday, January 27, 2020

VIDEO! - Fun Footage! with Beneath the Hollow!

Here's a short fun video that we're sharing because we're too excited about our upcoming projects!

This may be somewhat of a reoccurring set of videos of some of the random, funny things that happen while we're out with the guys from the band!

Fun Footage with Beneath the Hollow!

If link does not work:
Fun Footage! with BTH on YouTube!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

TapeDeckTV - January 2020 Update - working with Beneath the Hollow on some exciting projects!!!

Beneath the Hollow (from left to right Matt DeGroot, Jesse James, Jewell Yocum, Dan Pacheco)

     We've been hard at work on co-directing, filming, and editing an official music video for these guys! The experience has been incredible and we've learned a lot, as this is our very first actual music video. We're super pumped at how all of the footage has turned out and can't wait for the guys to release the video once it's complete!
Beneath the Hollow - "Newborn" | TapeDeckTV
     We documented quite a bit of the process during filming and all of the fun that ensued on the set! We're excited to be working on a behind the scenes look from our perspective!

      Check out the video to the left, it's something we've compiled to the first song they've released off their upcoming album. They took us out on the road and we captured a lot of great stuff! It will all be featured on a DVD we're putting together for them!
The TapeDeckTV crew for the night of filming Beneath the Hollow's video project! Visit !!!
     We're unsure when any of this project will be made available to you all... There is much editing and re-editing to do before things are completely final! We have to make sure our first ambitious project is perfect! But stay locked into us here and at to stay up to date on all of our projects!

     We'd like to thank the guys for the whole experience and we're looking forward to future projects together! Make sure to head over to their site and show them some love!

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