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10 Count Review - MLW Fusion 64

TDC 10 Count Review
:: MLW Fusion 64 ::

They opened up the show with the announcers Jim Cornette and Rich Bochini and quickly interviewed the Von Erichs... Ross and Marshall I believe are there names, but I honestly didn't catch anything they said because I was too busy laughing at the ackward positioning of Rich. I'm pretty sure that was the strangest way to hold a mic for someone that I've seen up to this point. Incredible work, Rich!

>> Match 1: Adam Brooks vs. Austin Aries

The first star to make his entrance was Adam Brooks, billed from Australia. I've never seen him in action before so we'll see what Mr. Brooks is all about in the ring. I hadn't really paid much attention to the title when I clicked it so I was unaware who his opponent was going to be!

I was surprised when Austin Aries came out! The last time I seen him was on Impact after the match and debacle with Johnny Impact. Austin was sporting a different look with his new haircut and a grown out beard. I've been on a bit of a FarCry 5 kick as of late and he reminded me a little of some of the cultist lackeys you find roaming around.

Adam didn't get in a whole lot of offense but I still feel it was a good showing for him. The leg sweep spot in the corner looked a little strange, but it might have just been filmed from a  bad angle? It just didn't come off right visually.

I feel like Jim Cornette says some of the weirdest shit I hear on a wrestling broadcast anywhere. Sometimes he's not bad to listen to while other times I find myself really wishing he would shut the hell up!

Austin Aries hit a lot of cool moves but Adam Brooks kept fighting. Aries hit the submission he's used in past promotions and I think he's calling it the 'Hearts of Aries" and somehow Brooks got out of it. The match continued a short bit until Aries was able to secure the win.

>> Austin Aries Wins <<

Then a woman came in to interview him and he cut her off allowing the crowd to continue chanting his name. He then cuts a promo roasting other wrestling companies before he heads to the back.
We then seen a video package detailing some of the feud between MJF and his Dynasty vs the Hart Foundation.

I am really excited to see Savio Vega come to MLW!

>> Match 2: Jacob Fatu vs. two poor dudes

This was a quick squash match for Jacob, even though it was a two on one. He powered through them delivering move after move including some impressive moon saults and a painful looking Samoan drop!

>> Jacob Fatu Wins <<

Salina De La Renta calls Mancer a goat fucker, that's always entertaining.
We then got a promo from Mance Warner talking about how he's gonna bring the fireworks and lay everybody out! Then maybe mow his yard and cook some dogs and get back to drinking them light beers.

>> Match 3: Josef Samael vs Filthy Tom Lawlor

Filthy Tom came out ready to rock and roll and ran to the ring but caught some boots from Josef. It wasn't long before Tom was able to regain the upper hand and start laying in some heavy moves on Josef. They took the fight outside the ring to dish out some more punishment to each other.

On a side note, I appreciate the amount of space they had in this particular venue to move the rails from the ringside. There were no pads on the ground for the safety of the performers, I feel like that situation could be better. However, I'll give them that the amount of space from the ring to the rails feels more appropriate that at some events we see!

Salina and Ricky Martinez watched the match from the back, I'm curious to see why we needed to know that.

Josef goes for the suplex from the apron to the outside of the ring, but Tom is able to reverse it and bring the action back into the ring. The way things are in wrestling right now, I would not have been shocked if they would have done that move to the outside.

It looks like some fowl play leads to a DQ finish. Samael pulled a spike out of his boot and "tried to impale the champ!"

>> Filthy Tom retains his MLW World Heavyweight Championship by DQ <<

A fight breaks out between them after the match as a fight is breaking out backstage between the Von Erichs and the other members of the Contra Unit.

Rich Bochinni screams us out reminding us to tune in next week. I will admit this build up to MLW in Chicago is turning out pretty cool! Good for these guys! It's great to have so many outlets for these wrestlers to hone their craft and really make names for themselves in this sport!

I've said it several times but it's just incredibly exciting that we are getting another wrestling boom! I'm thankful for every quality match, program, fued, event, broadcast, and more!

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