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10 Count Review - NXT 513

NXT 513 - Recap and review

- I have to admit that new WWE opening is growing on me... But I'm still really not into the latest NXT opening package with everybody in the same ring lip syncing "We Are Not Your Kind" by Slipknot. I would really love it if they were just showing clips of the superstars in action!

- This week before the theme song we got a package chronicling the fued between Io Sharai and Shayna Bezler up to this point. Filling us in on the details before this episodes main event, which will pit these two ladies in a cage one on one!

- I don't know about you guys, but I'm really excited about this Breakout Tournament! I have heard about most of these guys in different promotions, but I haven't seen very much of any of them in action... Besides Shane "Swerve" Stickland, who will now be known as Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. I'm happy to see him keep his Swerve.

:: Match 1 :: Jaquien Wilde (DJZ) vs Angel Garza (Garza Jr.)
The first match of the tournament kicks off with these two guys and really set the stage for the rest of the guys to follow! We got some incredibly short, kind of strange packages to introduce us to them... And then the good part... We are off to the races!

At 8:46 minutes in Angel Garza pulls off a move I don't even know how to describe. Anyone know the name of that one?

The reversal out of a stretch by JW was impressive, but it wasn't long before Angel regained the upper hand.

A top rope spanish fly by Garza and a Butterfly cutter, which I had never seen before gives him the victory!

That was a hell of a match to kick things off! I can't wait to see the rest of this tournament! I feel like Wilde got some offense in as well, not sure why my match review seems to tell another story.


- Kushida then lets us know that he's pretty stoked about being in the WWE system and he could go face to face with any number of these guys! He says this is where he belongs, and I can't argue... It's been very cool to see him in the NXT ring! I'd like to see him stick with the black and gold brand as possible!

- Some unlucky NXT lackey runs into Damien Priest (Punishment Martinez) and decides it would be a cool idea to ask him some dumb shit... Which he quickly shuts down and reminds us that his name will Live Forever.

- The Sultans of Swag had a little extra oomph in their dances both to and inside of the ring on account of that shiny gold around their waists!

- It really is great to see the Stree Profits holding the gold! They really put in the work and have been putting on some sick matches!

- The Forgotten Sons were quick to end the celebration and rush the ring where some trash talk ensues! But this time we get an impromptu match out of the deal when the Profits put the belts on the line.

:: Match 2 :: Street Profits (Champs) vs. Forgotten Sons (Blake and Cutler)

- The Sons brought the fight to Montez in the beginning but as soon as he got an opening he tagged in Angelo Dawkins who brought his A game.

- Dawkins fires off some suplexes and some spinning splashes to the corner and sets up Montez to hit an insane frogsplash.

- As the ref was about to hit the 3 count Jackson Reiker pulled his boy out of the ring, ending the count and officially disqualifying this team from the match.

- Then the Forgotten Sons all gang up on the Street Profits and after a minute the numbers get to them. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan come to the rescue, but remind the guys that they want a shot at that gold as well.

A shitty promo from the Highers, Vanessa and

:: Match 3 :: Keith Lee vs Nykos Rikos

Did Nykos lose his gear and have someone slap a flag onto a garbage bag?

Either way he didn't last long against Keith who delivered a powerful shoulder block and his Limit
Breaker powerslam for the win!


- Bay Bay Championship Tour was bad ass!
They brought a camera around to follow Adam Cole as he flaunts his gold to everyone including Corey Taylor from Slipknot... And then he makes a stop at a place called Garganos! They leave us there, I can't wait to see where this goes!

Isaiah Swerve Scott vs Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee) is coming up next week!

:: Match 4 :: Io Sharai vs. Shayma Bezler (Champ) [Cage]

Wow! I mean just wow!

This was an excellent cage match and it really shows that Io has been in the business for a long time AND Shayna truly loves pro wrestling as a sport. They were seamless in every move and transition, and this was really a knock down, drag out FIGHT!

Shayna dominated a majority of the match, but Io showed some aggressive fire in bursts that left Shayma vulnerable. Marina and Jessamin came down to engage in some fowl play, hindering Io's chances of getting out through the door. And when she tried to climb out they cut her off there as well.

Candace Larae came to the aid of miss Sharai and did her best to even the odds, but in all of the melee it ended up being a battle in the doorway of the cage between Io and Shayna.
As Io desperately crawled out towards the edge of the ring, Shayma snuck up and locked her in the Karafuta clutch (spell that for me please...)

Io mustered the energy to grab the cage door and slam it into Shayna's head, slowly breaking the hold. But as she broke the clutch, she also knocked Shayna a little loopy and when the door flung open Shayna flung with it and fell to the floor... Retaining her title!


The crowd reaction shots were pretty awesome!

The Horsewomen regoroup outside the cage and stumble to the back as Candace tries to console Io in the ring.

Io Sharai then loses her cool and snaps, laying out Candace in the center of the ring.

Io doesn't stop there though, as she grabs a chair from under the ring and gets back into the ring to deliver a few chair shots and a suplex onto the opened chair!

Yikes! I'm not jealous of Candace's back after that!

Miss Sharai then talked shit on her way back up the entire ramp, and I have to say I really like this Io.

I hope we see more of this fierce energy from her soon!

Another amazing episode of NXT! Sometimes I don't know how they do it! I can't wait for next week! Roderick Strong of the Undisputed Era vs Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze! That should be a great match! Roddy has the best back breakers I've ever seen!

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