Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Your Love is felt and GREATLY appreciated!!! Click here to help us even more!

Hello Everyone!

     We are incredibly excited to announce that for the first time ever we have a BandCamp account! Now, we are not going to charge you for ANYTHING or ever ASK nor BEG for your money! We value your Time and know that you work hard for your money! We are still going to upload all of our songs and put them everywhere COMPLETELY FREE!

     What we are saying is that IF you do LOVE TDC and want to help us be able to continue producing new music and putting together some live shows we have an OPTION to purchase our songs for one dollar (or if you're feeling generous you can make it higher, but it's not necessary at all!) from https://tapedeckcatastrophe.bandcamp.com/releases

     This is our first time ever taking donations and we're super thankful for you guys just listening to our music! We really aren't expecting you to spend your money on it! But all proceeds will be going into merchandise (beanies, hoodies, tshirts, babydoll tee's, tank tops, CD's, posters, stickers, and anything else you guys suggest) and recording equipment for further musical endeavors!

      Thank you again for ALL of the LOVE and SUPPORT you guys have shown us over the years! We sincerely love you!

- Tape Deck Justin

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Our video's plays are growing quickly! Thank you so much! Help us get to 1,000!

Hey everyone,

     We just wanted to say thank you very much to all of you who have taken the time to listen to our song and give us some feedback! A huge thanks to those of you who have shared or retweeted our links! We really appreciate all of the help!

     Our current goal is to upload a new song once "Anything (at ALT)" gets to 1,000 plays on YouTube! So share that link and help out with the cause, if you will!

Link to share: https://youtu.be/8a3C-91Q8uQ
and use the hashtag #anything4TDC

     Also, we are looking into options for merch. If you handle such affairs or can guide us in the direction of someone who does, we would be very grateful! Once we've got that we can start getting some contests going!

     New Inspiration Fires article should be coming soon as well!


"Kill the thirst, strike when it's perfect. Go for the throat, we have to be certain..."

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