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Inspirational Fires [12/10/18]

Inspirational Fires

That Burn in our Brains

A Look Into Our Greatest Sources of Inspiration
December 10th, 2018 edition

     Inspiration is an amazing emotion that can greatly help with your creative process. The best thing about it is free and it is all around you in many forms! And once you know what drives you and you put some focus into it, it can really be a big game-changer in your life! If you're battling with a dark cloud in your mind such as depression, bipolar disorder, or any number of other problems you may notice that finding inspiration can be a way to counter-act and fight off those issues... Albeit they may not fight the issues off for long, any help is good help!

     Lately, we have been finding ample amounts of inspiration and we just wanted to share with you some of our sources of inspiration! If you have any thoughts or opinions about what we share or would like to share with me some things that you are inspired by please do so in the comments section below or by e-mail!

>>>>> How MUSIC has MOTIVATED us: <<<<< (Lil Peep, Ghost, and XXXTentacion)

          This edition we're going to focus on three musicians who have greatly contributed to us taking steps towards writing a new album. Three very different, but very powerful musical forces! We'll explore how we came to know Lil'Peep, Ghost, and XXXTentacion! These artists had been around for a while, especially Ghost but we only learned of them last year.

"Awful Things" video shot

     One day while listening to some music the video for "Awful Things" played randomly in my YouTube feed. I loved the song and was blown away by the video! I had to know this artist and wanted to see if more of his music was this awesome! I learned his name was Lil Peep and yes, he did have quite a few songs that I liked a lot. Some of these include "Benz Truck" "Save That Shit" "Hellboy" and many others.

     I then realized that he was the rapper that was recently in the news and headlines who had passed away. I was sad to learn that he died of an overdose, something that hits close to home since I've lost some of my dearest friends and family the same way. I can't say that I'm passionate about EVERY song in his catalog, but a lot of them are very deep and powerful songs!      
"Life is Beautiful"

     Ghost, or sometimes referred to as Ghost B.C. (the BC remains unspoken) is a VERY interesting band! I had heard one of their songs through NXT TakeOver, but never pieced together that it was them until about a year and a half later. The song was called "Square Hammer" and I thought it was an insanely amazing song. I didn't go searching for the song to purchase or watch the music video, regrettably.

      Instead, I went on like usual until one day I started seeing all of these interesting images for a music video called "Rats!" and I'm not sure entirely what possessed me to watch that video... But damn I'm glad I did. The band had such an interesting look and sound and it was like perfect storm of being serious as fuck, but not taking themselves too serious. From here I began my quest to find all of the songs I liked by them, and it was an impressive number.

     Some of the stand outs for me would be "Dance Macabre", "Miasma", "Witch Image", "Elizabeth", "Square Hammer", "Rats", and of course "Monstrance Clock" which apparently was written in celebration of the female orgasm! Which is cool, because there's probably not enough songs dedicated to that, and if so there can always be more! Some people may be put off by their 'Satanism' but it seems all tongue-in-cheek and all in good fun! There's nothing wrong with a little Satan in your life, in moderation of course.
     We recently had the pleasure of seeing Ghost perform live and we highly recommend it to ANY and EVERY one who can ever go! They are a very eccentric band who puts on an insane experience!

     This brings us to our last entry for the article, and possibly one that has capture my attention the most. Triple X! XXXTentacion! The first time I had really heard the name mentioned was when he was attacked onstage during his performance. I had kept seeing his images and thought he had a really interesting and captivating look, but for some reason I never just clicked on a song and heard him through. I'm not sure why I didn't, the curiosity was there. One day the curiosity got the best of me when I seen him post a new song to his YouTube channel.

     That song was "Sad!" and I feel like that song was a game changer for me. It struck a chord with me and where I was at in my life at that particular moment. I'm not sure what I was expecting to hear when I finally listened to 'X' but it wasn't that! I was beyond impressed and immediately went back to listen to his albums '17' and '?' and found so many heart-felt, AMAZINGLY deep songs!

     I remember being a little upset with myself that I had waited so long to see what the hype was about him, because he definitely lived up to it! Listening to XXX pour his heart and soul into his music really made me remember and miss what was so therapeutic about writing and recording. It became a strong personal goal that I wanted to meet him and see what he thought of my music!

     I really wanted to make a song with him, so I sent him a private message on social media. The message just explained how inspired he made me and how I really loved his music... Typical things I'm sure he read all the time, but I was patiently waiting for a reply because I was really interested in his thoughts and opinions and just at the idea of what we'd be able to create together musically! The message went unread for several weeks, which I was expecting as his inbox must have been overflowing.

     Then one afternoon on a day off from work I woke up from a nap and social media was going wild talking about how XXX was dead. Shortly after there it was on the news, South Florida rapper shot dead outside of the shop he had just been browsing. Although I had never met him, my heart was
broken about the whole thing. I REALLY had high hopes of meeting him and hopefully one day even doing a song together. I know there was a lot going around about how terrible of a person he was, but I can't attest to that... I do know that his music helped me to fight through some dark times inside my own head, and for that I am forever thankful!
XXXTentacion, his mama (left), and I apologize I'm not sure who the girl is on the right!

     The first album by XXXTentacion since his passing, Skins came out on the 7th and we just had a chance to sit down and listen to it today. We really strongly enjoy the album in it's entirety, but the stand out tracks to me are "whoa (mind in awe)" and "what are you so afraid of"! Let us know what you think about it below and please check out our music as we have been influenced greatly by the artists covered in this article, and many more whom we plan to cover in the future!

We are Tape Deck Catastrophe


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>>>>> The End <<<<

     Thank you for reading our first article! We look forward to publishing more in the future! Please let us know your thoughts and opinions below! RIP Peep, RIP XXX!

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